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Why is Optimizing Product Page for Conversion is Important

Why is Optimizing Product Page for Conversion is Important

Having an online business that has good design, content and a well functioning system takes quality time, effort and a good amount of money. When focusing on all these, you tend to forget that there is more to selling a product than just listing them on your website.

If your product page fails to satisfy the customer or simply doesn’t impress all your time in creating your website and making it go online comes to vain. We have come up with a checklist to improve your e-commerce product page to give you the maximum conversion rates.


1.Find Pages that Don’t Gain Traffic

There will always be pages/ products which are of low interest to your customers or products which simply don’t move. There will be pages with no to incomplete product descriptions, or pages with design flaws etc.,  Identifying and isolating these pages will save to ample amount of time and effort in making it presentable for the customer.

2.Provide Detailed Descriptions

This is where most e-commerce website owners ignore. There should be a detailed and unique description of your products. Most product owners don’t take the time to explain the product leading to a decrease in customer interests. MAke your product descriptions stand out from the rest of the similar products. Your description should be at least 1000 to 1500 words to give a detailed insight into your customers.

Even though you have a very low budget, try having beautifully written product description for pages/products that receive maximum traffic or product which has high selling value which will help you in making a profit.

3.Provide Relevant Products and Pieces of information

Providing blog articles on step by step working of y our product, or how your product is manufactured can help a customer gain insights on the product you are selling. Displaying similar products or products which are usually sold together could give your potential customers a wide variety to chose from.

4.Call To Action at the Right Place will Work Wonders

May not seem important but call to action buttons or sentences at the right place will keep the customers on the edge. Call to action includes a button with phrases like “Add to cart”, “Proceed to Payment” or even “Contact Us” can be a call to action or any action which urges the customer to move further with the process is considered a call to action.

All you need to keep in mind is to make your call to action stand out from the other images and offers you display in your website

⦁    Make your button stand out from the background

⦁    Make straightforward requests like “read more” or “Add to cart”

⦁    Use colours that suppresses the mood of the customer,

⦁    Red and orange give a feel of urgency and while blue gives a feeling of trustworthiness.

5.Provide Accurate Information on the Product

Provide Unique and accurate information on the products, be transparent with your prices with shipping and taxes. Most customers skip buying on seeing the final price of the products.

Display multiple pictures of your products from different angles, sizes and colour included. give your customers a sense of choice by displaying similar products of the same quality and rate under the same page.

6.Always have User-Friendly Navigations

Have a user-friendly and mobile-friendly design for your website. Easy navigation combined with the old school menu arrangements will give your customer a sense of familiarity while browsing your website.

7.Provide ways to Share

Provide your customers to take your product online. A simple option to tweet or share to their FB page which can gain potential customers in visiting your website. Also, make your presence online more visible. Open a Facebook store where you can list out the latest product and the latest offers and discounts. While on twitter make a hashtag for a special product, hopefully, if it catches on you are looking at a huge profit here.

8.Encourage Reviews wherever Necessary

Reviews play a very important role in an online E-commerce business. If your product gains positive reviews you can proudly display them on your social media and likewise, the reviews on the social media can be added as screenshots on your website acknowledge negative reviews, reply with ways you can help them feel better. Your potential customers would appreciate the steps you take for customer satisfaction.

9.Provide Cross Selling and Up-selling Opportunities

Now that you have gained the trust of your customers to buy the product, there are many ways that you can add to your profits. Cross-selling is one of the great ways to do so. You can start by giving multiple offers along with the present sale item that is being bought.

10.Provide Endless Comparisons and Options

Give your customer the power to choose. Let them compare the products with other products which are similar to a price difference. Giving a platform for them to compare will let your customers feel comfortable before buying a product

PRO TIP: No matter how user-friendly, mobile-friendly, or how many offers you put up the key to gain loyal customers is transparency. Sell Genuine products, Give your customers what they need, hear them out and manage a good product page. You will be making profits in no time.

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