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Why Getting a Product Review from Your Customers is Important

Why Getting a Product Review from Your Customers is Important

Creating an Ecommerce store is the first step, however, although there are transactions regularly there is no proper way to evaluate your business. A customer review for your website or for your product cannot only boot up your profits but also can help you retain regular customers. Getting a customer to review your product or your website may not always go well. Customers tend to postpone adding reviews, so we have listed you some of the effective ways in which you can get your customers to review

Identify Customers Who Will Review

  • Targeting the recently bought customers will be effective in the long run, it can go either way. Good quality you get a happy customer and good ratings. Bad quality, you are not likely handling a grumpy customer. Getting first-time customers to review will be easy, but not always effective. which leads us to the next point
  • Try to get reviews from customers who have high order value, or customers who continue to shop from you. Reviews from them will not only boost up your business but also will raise the credibility of the customers.



Don’t be Shy To Ask For Reviews

  • Now that you have identified the possible customers who will review, its time for you to ask them, Don’t shy out. Ask them after they have received the product. Trigger a notification for them to do so. A happy customer will probably take up the chance to review.
  • E-Mail has been effective as well. Send out an Email asking how their experience was and how can you improve. A customized email with few details to regular customers always works like a charm.
  • There are Email marketing tools which you can use to see how many times an email has been opened and if there is any response to it, a careful strategy can be used then in targeted customers.

Pro Tip: Including cash backs or discounts on their next purchase if they review your website or your product always works. include coupon codes once they have submitted their review to use for their next purchase.

Automate Responses

  • With the wide range of marketing tools available on the internet, Targetting your customers is made super easy.
  • An automated response to their purchase or a thank you note for sending a review helps in gaining customer trustworthiness and also helps in retaining them to be loyal.
  • Give customers their space, don’t spam their inbox. Spamming can ultimately cause them to close their account or unsubscribe.


Email & Social Media Marketing

  • Instead of asking reviews for their products, ask them to check out your facebook store. They may find your facebook page interesting and move to your website.
  • Asking for reviews has to be as polite as possible be it email or social media. Build a bond with your customers, a small gesture of including their names, their product name and customized signature will go a long way than you think.

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