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Top 5 ways you can Increase your profit on your E-commerce store

Top 5 ways you can Increase your profit on your E-commerce store

Having a website for your store is the next big step in growing your business if you have planned to create a website you’ve come to the right place. Bizezy lets you create your own website. you don’t know how to code or customize, leave it to our team of techies who can help you customize your website.

If you have a website already and not making that much of a profit? These are the 5 steps (tried and tested) to make your profits go up!


  1. Go Smart

In the era of smartphones and the internet, giving your shop the required mobile responsiveness is a huge deal, making your products clear and organised is the key. The more effort you put in on your design, the more the customer gains trust in your product.

Bizezy helps you customise your website, we make sure your website is responsive in major phones. Try out our 7 Day free trial to get the most out us.

  1. Get Handy

If you are a small business striving to grow, it is hard to get recognised. As harsh as it sounds it is the bitter truth. Customers don’t always remember your website name if you aren’t famous. If they want to come back to a product which they liked a few weeks ago and can’t find your website, you are losing big time.

Launch a mobile app. A lot of customers love browsing through products and an app in their phone means they can come anytime to get it. Bizezy takes care of this for you. We specialize in creating apps for both Android and IOS to reach the maximum of your customers.

  1. Give Enough Discounts

Don’t we all love discount sales?! Giving the most moving product a discount will get your profits up in no time. Customers get attracted when they see a discounted product even if they don’t need it at the moment. The fear of losing their favourite product at such a low cost will drive them to buy it.

We at bizezy understand that not always you can give discounts, so we let you set the margins! Get the product at the manufactures price and set your own profit margins. Give the customers what they need.


  1. Go in Detail

Most of the customers don’t go all the way through even if they love the product and they are at need. The fear comes usually as of how the product will look in real. If you are a small brand trying to gain customers, giving them a full detail of your product is essential. Show them the images, specify the measurements, make sure you list out the colours and most importantly avoid stock images.


  1. Provide Multiple Payment Gateways

So you managed to get the customers all the way through but if they do not find their ideal bank, you are at loss. Provide them options, make a survey on which payment method works and work your way through.

Make sure your site is not sketchy, make them trust you. Do not trigger notifications to add their bank details now and then, instead try triggering notifications if an item is in the cart for too long.

Bizezy makes sure your site is safe and secure all the way. All our websites are hosted from trusted hosting platforms to give to the best experience. We make sure your customer details are safe

Contact us to know more about our services, we can guarantee you will not regret it.

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