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Top 5 homemade you can sell online things

Top 5 homemade you can sell online things

If your thinking of earning from extra money from home, turning your hobby of making homemade items can help you earn some sizable profits.

Here are 5 home made things you can sell online

  1. Homemade Cards and Envelopes

There is an increasing market for homemade cards. Customizable homemade cards and envelops for any special occasion are seen special. All you need is some raw materials and a great amount of time to put it together, there are tons of YouTube videos you can learn and get ideas from. Any customized home made things make a great gift.

  1. Curtains and Pillows

Do you stitch or wove? There is a great market for home made pillows, curtains and woollen duvets. Home owners who are looking for a unique design and materials would love homemade items for their precious home. You will need unique patterned clothes, a sewing machine, buttons and zips as required.

  1. Accessories and jewellery

With the rise in gold and silver rates people have turned to artificial jewellery for their fashion needs. Hand made jewellery takes the cake. With customizable stone colors and adding of charms and pendants, each piece can be made unique. To start this business you will need some raw materials like hooks, chains, beads and stones. You can also make jewellery out of paper by quailing.

  1. Pastries

Handmade cute biscuits, cookies, cupcakes and cakes are the new talk of the town. Be it any occasion to celebrate a cake can always be included. A customised cake is a great gift to a friend or a family who has a sweet tooth. IF baking is your hobby you can experiment with different recipes, flavours and toppings.

  1. Hand painted clothes and dishes

Be it hand painted clothes, dishes, pottery or glass pieces. Every one of those has a good value. You can start with stencils and move to hand painting. All you need is a bunch of brushes, acrylic or oil paints and a whole lot of creativity.


Why you will need an online shop

Although you kickstart your business, there is only so much you could sell with the word of mouth. Getting an online shop for your business and marketing it on social platforms will help you in targeting the right audience.

Bizezy can help you open your online store right from the scratch. To know more about our services contact us right away!

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