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Top 5 Countdown of Online businesses you can start right from your home

Top 5 Countdown of Online businesses you can start right from your home

very on at some point in life has dreamt of opening a own store. Free form the stress of a 9 to 5 job or making use of the precious free time we come by. With the digitization, our lives have steered towards the online shopping. Opening an online business has become a step easier than it used to be. “But, what about the investment?” We hear you! Not everyone can invest in an online store without anticipating its turnover. Your online store may take a few months to years to get recognized. This is where we’ve done our own little research and have narrowed it down to the top 5 Online businesses you can start online which is cost effective and less time consuming.

Lets take a look at the countdown

5. Sell paintings 

Are you an avid painter? Make money out of your hobby. People have grown so much and decorating their homes with modern and classical art has become a status icon. Open up a website for your art projects and sell them online?

If you aren’t a painter, may be you know someone with a great talent in painting. Partner up and help them sell online whilst making profit for helping them sell their work.

4. Pickle Business

If you are a home maker and don’t have many resources, a pickle business will always come handy. All you need is some raw materials, oils and some quality packaging. If you are in a country that loves spices, It’s a great way to market your family’s recipes. You can make a website and sell as a brand right from the comfort of your home.

3. Sell your Handicraft


Love knitting? Do you love making handicrafts from jute, paper, etc? Or may be clay works? Why not sell them and make profit? You can open your own website and market your products on social platforms to gain the required attention.

2. Jewelry Business


You can easily start a jewelry business with little raw material which is very cost effective but time consuming. With Increasing craze for matching every outfit with an accessory fake jewelries gain a lot of attention from young fashionista’s.

1.Clothing Startup

If you are new to the world of online business and have no idea on what to sell, it is always a good idea to opt for drop shipping. Clothes are the easiest thing that can be drop shipped. All you need is a good supplier and a branded website. You can sell these clothes on leading ecommerce websites and make a name for yourselves in no time.

There are numerous websites which provide drop shipping models, Bizezy is one of them. We can provide you with a online website, an mobile app for your website, help you set up an online store on Facebook and deliver your products to the customer. We are everything a entrepreneur needs.

So why procrastinate? When you have gathered the ideas for an online business, implement them now and make your dream come true!

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