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Top 11 ways to own ecommerce store with low investment and risk

Top 11 ways to own ecommerce store with low investment and risk

  1. Sale largest products in manufacturing cost.
  2. Offer the manufacturer and supplier to sell products online with lower investment in inventory and stock management.
  3. Be a subscriber of Bizezy and avail the features of a complete ecommerce site with a live store. Sketch your store with the new features as you wish with a basic system knowledge no coding and design knowledge is required.
  4. Partner with Bizezy and avail reliable free shipping and delivery in all over India.
  5. Website must optimized for SEO. Optimize your store with best keywords which  customers search  buy products online .
  6. Start with Google Product Listing Ads. This is one of the best online marketing channel to drive quality traffic and sales at lowest cost. You can start with any budget.
  7. Post regular blog on your store with product reviews, product videos, product comparisons etc. to help the customers to buy your products.
  8. Display return policy and delivery period prominently on your website.
  9. Display contact information like  email and chat support prominently on your website.
  10. Always faster in customer response. It makes a lot to customers. Many of our clients are making really good sales from chat support and phone calls.
  11. Notify the existing customers with latest  updates through Newsletter marketing. Segment your customers’ database and offer them reward points, discounts and affiliates.

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