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Start a New Life by Opening a Store Online with Bizezy

Start a New Life by Opening a Store Online with Bizezy

Planning to open an online business? Does that seem like a great idea to turn your life around? Don’t know how? or lacking confidence? You have to keep reading on, we might have a perfect solution for you.

Set The Stage

You have a business in mind, you need to set up the website now. Planning ahead is the key. If you have your own hobby, or you are into handicrafts, handmade jewelry, or your own clothing brand, now picturise it on your own website reaching your potential customers.


Move on, Visualize the design your website will have, what products will you be selling, will it be cash on delivery or online payment, will you be providing discounts. Do you have your own manufactured product waiting to hit online?

All this can be made easy with Bizezy’s online website builder. Pick a Template from our wide range of templates which will represent your business the best and you are good to go.

Personalise your website

Once you have your website template sorted out, its time for the fun part. We can guarantee that you will enjoy customising your website on our platform. Let your creative juices flow! Make something that will make your customers jaw drop!

We have a dashboard to help you upload pictures and your logo to your home page, Write your own portfolio and the achievements you have gained as a business in your about us page. Plan how you want your customers can contact you.

Stand out from your competitors, meanwhile follow the pattern. Though it may seem weird an e-commerce shop has certain pages a customer searches for, missing these pages on your website will make your doubt your uniqueness.

Go with the Flow

Once your website looks the way you want. Adding your products and pricing them becomes easier. Just add photos of your products and the prices with your description of the product. If you have no idea what to sell, we have an online inventory where we have renowned suppliers providing over 1000+ products for you to choose from. Click the product you want to sell and the number of products you need. You get to pick the price you want to sell them at.

The process is by far the easiest step and truly the best way to save your time in searching for a unique supplier if you need any.

Reach Out to your Customers

Communication is important in maintaining a good relationship with your customer. Reach out to them via social media to target your respective audience. A little update on the newest products or the latest news on the discounts and offers can help lure your customers to be attentive on your latest moves.

Bizezy will help you set up a face bookstore which directly connects with your sites check out window. Not just facebook we will let you reach your customers via WhatsApp share where your customers can share a product along with a link to your website to other potential customers.

We will set up all these for you. Let our techies handle the work you find overwhelming.


Believe in yourself, You have more potential than you think you have

Turn your hobby into a business, people come and say “you are so talented, you should sell these” that is the last cue people will give you to start your own business. As simple as it sounds it is effective and can become your way of living if good time and effort are put into it.

Bizezy  will lend you a hand whenever we can. We make your process of opening a successful online business easy and straightforward.

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