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Sales Campaign for your Ecommerce website in 3 Effective Steps

Sales Campaign for your Ecommerce website in 3 Effective Steps

Setting up a sales campaign can help you stand out in the crucial times. Targeting possible customers and gaining loyal customers can be achieved by devising an active sales campaign

A product will not sell itself. Marketing your products is important. This cannot be said enough times, If you are an emerging brand you have a lot of options on how to market your product.

Setting up a sales campaign can help in knowing the type of customers you are targeting and also can help deduce how well your strategy has worked. So here are 3 steps for beginners to establish a sales campaign that will do wonders for your business.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead, we mean literally. Sales go crazy during festivals, it is after all the season of new clothes and gifts. Plan ahead, make customers wait for the offers and discounts on your product. The popularity that is gained during this time will help you gain loyal customers. The publicity you get for the offers and freebies on your products is simply too large to be ignored.

A mere 20% off on your products can get a huge attention at the right time and the right season.


Know the Types of Offers

As much as it seems easy to give an offer or a discount on your product building an attractive sales campaign is really a talent you need to acquire. You need not be a mastermind behind marketing offers, we have listed out the types of offers you can give to your customers. Choose the one that feels right for your e-commerce website.

  • Discounts coupled with minimum order limit – When you are throwing a huge discount, a minimum order value can help attain a target you are rooting for. Though it may not work all the time, at perfect timing it can show tremendous results. Choose the products you give on discounts carefully. Make sure there is something the product can be paired with.
  • Discounts – Always work during sales campaigns, a minimum of 50% or more on products that are regularly on demand is a jackpot for customers. Retain them with these offers.
  • Coupons- Coupons have become a default, introducing coupons on purchase which can be used later for a next purchase will help not only retaining the customers but also can help in extending the sales.
  • Free Shipping- Buy default customers prefer brands that provide free shipping over which do not. Make use of it! Highlight as much as possible. A successful sales campaign can get the message right through to the customer.


Don’t Forget to Check Social Media of the List

Social Media acts as the platform which covers everyone including the targeted audience and more. With the modern world revolving around social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube and Instagram, Social media delivers the message quickly and easily.

No matter the way you choose to start your sales campaign, perfect timing and the targeted audience matter to make it successful. Bizezy can guide you through the process, Talk to us. Contact us right away or avail our 7-day free trial to experience hands-on of our services.

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