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Importance of Ecommerce Personalization

Importance of Ecommerce Personalization

An online store’s content is changed in real time for a user based on the search history, needs of that user and interests. The importance of personalization in eCommerce is on the rise because of its ability to increase sales.

What is E-commerce personalization

E-commerce personalisation is the process of altering the search results for users based on their previous search history, interests, purchases and relevancy to their searches. With the booming of the E-commerce industry, customers are not shy to ask what they want, if they don’t see what they want, they simply move on to the next company.

Importance of Ecommerce personalization

A Study determines over 40% of the customers when shown products and discounts which don’t interest them simply leave the website. it goes on to prove that if they don’t like what they see, they simply do not care. you end up losing over 40% of your potential customers, that’s almost nearly as half of your customers.

Because of the choices available today, the more user-friendly your website is the more the customer will be feel good to shop at your shop. E-commerce companies are adapting to e-commerce personalisation as per visitors interests in real time.

 Real-time eCommerce Personalization

When a website changes dynamically for each individual according to their interests and recent searches which is relevant to the current search.

Real-time eCommerce personalization increases the loyalty of the customer, it increases frequent visits, increased usage of your website and ultimately helps in becoming a regular customer.

Where can  Real-time eCommerce Personalization be done

You can customize as per the interests and their frequently brought brands, viewed items which are under discount.

We have listed a  few of the categories which are normally done for a better user experience overall.

  • Relevant Products – Showing relevant products of the same brand or of the same category. it can usually be done with the person’s search history which is relevant to the current search.
  • Cross Selling of Products – Showing relevant or additional add-ons to a particular product helps in the purchase of combo products. These can be usually displayed on the sidebar or the bottom of the page. Helps the user get an idea of what they might need additionally if they purchase a product.
  • Showing Relevant Offers and Discounts – Displaying similar products with the same offer or the same discount can help customers have a variety to chose from. However, the web pages should be designed dynamically to make sure previous interest and offers related to those are displayed.


The Idea is to make your users feel at home. Make your websites user-friendly as much as possible to attract and gain loyal customers. This will directly help you improve the appearance of your website and also helps in increasing your profit. Let us help you personalise your website! Contact us today!

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