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How will E-commerce Evolve in the Next 5 years in India

How will E-commerce Evolve in the Next 5 years in India

E-commerce is constantly evolving and new technologies are implemented to make the user experience worthwhile. We have put together things we know it will change in the next 5 years, read on to know more.

How will E-commerce Evolve in the Next 5 years in India

Indian E-commerce industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years. The recent boom in the industry is stunning. Experts have predicted that the next few years will be the height of Indian E-commerce industry. By 2029 it is expected to improve a 1200%.


With the users increasing day by day, almost everything we need is available in the click of a button with products reaching right at your doorstep the e-commerce industry is expected to make through all the nooks and corners of the country.

Plan ahead as we have predicted the ways e-commerce will evolve in 5 ways!

1.Enhanced retail experiences

Virtual reality is becoming the hot topic in the recent days, and no wonder e-commerce giants will move towards these soon. Retailers may move towards bacon technology which is the refinement of the virtual reality. With using the Bluetooth customers will receive alerts and offers at their nearest stores with the help of apps.

2.Everything Becomes Handy

Amazon has already introduced AmazonGo in the US and has been analysing the no cashier system, It has made users spend little to no time in standing in queues to have their product checked out.  Traffic from mobile phones has increased ten times as that of websites. With Google following suite for their indexing of websites in respect to mobile traffic, soon e-commerce industry will thrive on mobile phones.

3.Touch-based experiences

We are aware mobile phones are making their existence noticeable and with the growing technology of virtual reality and 3D images sooner or later customers will be able to touch, feel and understand the mechanics of a non-existent product in reality. E-commerce giants will move towards these to sell their products easily.

4.Voice assistants

With the arrival of Siri, tech giants of the world are coming up with voice assistance which can do more than help to assist on your mobile. Google Home and Amazons Alexa have already started the intense war of which is the best. In no time, Voice assistance will be everywhere including the E-commerce industry which will boost the user experience.

5.Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery are already in practice in places like China and Japan. Amazon has launched delivery using droned in some parts of the US and also have tested their fist delivery in Bengaluru. E-commerce owners can cut the cost of petrol and manpower and can make quick deliveries

The Growth of E-commerce depends on customer needs, Increasing technology and also the growing needs of mobile phones. In the next five years, E-commerce business will focus towards the customer needs

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