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How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Sales

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Sales

Ways To Use Google Analytics to Improve Sales

Opening an online business is a huge step on its own, optimising your webpage for your customers can reach a limit where you have nothing else to do to enhance it. Google Analytics will get you help to gain insight into where your customer gets stuck.

We have listed out the ways you can use Google Analytics to influence your sales

What and Where did it go Wrong?

Targeting the right audience is the key and by using the demographics tools. Google Adsense and Adwords are the most preferred demographics tools. You can check the age, gender and nationality of the audience who is visiting your website of the search engines.

For example, If you are a fashion company targeting youngsters at the age from 18 to 25 but when you target the wrong audience of the age group 45 to 60 your business is not going to make a profit even if you manage to attract healthy organic traffic.


Are you Attracting the Right Audience for the Right Reasons

With the analysed data, optimise your website for the right age group. Keep it simple, straight forward and trendy. It is important to give your customers the options to chose from a wide variety of products. Keeping them related to their particular search is important as well.

With the help of google analytics, MAke sure your product page corresponds with the location, culture you are focusing on. Customers like when a website is personalised just for them. Make use of the information you have at hand.

Is Your Website Optimised Enough?

Yes with the Location, age, culture of a particular locality you can do wonders but there are ways you can optimise it even better with the help of Google Analytics. Each page view, time on the site and visits per page, and the number of clicks on a page and a particular link will give you the insight on what the customers expect from you.

You can always lay out a test page and get data on how your customers react. With the final data, you could draw a conclusion where you can put together all the successful ideas which you know will work.

Its all about attention and the conclusion you draw with the analytics. Google Analytics can give you the insight needed that can make you not only attract the right audience but also give what your customer likes.

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