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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India?

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India?

Start your very own Drop shipping business in India with Bizezy | business service[1]

The Internet is now a necessity in the modern world, and we are seeing a rise in the e-commerce stores with people wanting everything with a click of a button but the market for the online stores are very limited and uncertain. The sellers are now moving towards the concept of drop shipping. Once the concept of drop shipping becomes clear the next question is how to do it. Being an E-commerce seller you should be aware of the buzzwords catching up with its users. considering the pros and cons of adapting drop shipping business, let’s assume you are considering giving it a try and we at Bizezy will make it simple with a user-friendly custom website, apps for your business. Try our 7-day free trial or contact us for more details.


Simple Steps to Start Your Own Drop Shipping Business

1. Pick Your Ideal Supplier

There are tons of suppliers out there and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. take extra time in finalizing your supplier, a mistake here can make you regret later. you will not be meeting your suppliers or every other day so make sure your supplier is trustworthy. Domain pending ICANN verification. will help you find the ideal supplier who is trustworthy with impeccable quality of the products.

a lot of suppliers have started dropshipping in India due to the growing market but not all of them provide the value you should be looking in a supplier. You can identify the fake ones with the signs of caution:

a. its best if the supplier manufactures the product, if the product is being brought by the supplier himself then it makes things complicated in terms of quality and delivering of the product at the given time. Bizezy steps up here providing in- house manufacturing units which help in the timely delivery.

b. gain details of the profit margin you can make with your supplier. take into consideration the price quoted by your suppliers and set your own prices. the higher the margins the higher the profit. Bizezy.in quotes a fair amount in order to help amateurs and entrepreneurs.

c. Delivery time matters! In order to stand out from your competitor’s fast shipping of the products can play a major role in gaining long-term customers. Bizezy provides free shipping all over India.

d. Providing white label products helps retaining customers. customers expect to have what they see on your site. Suppliers providing products under your name can be a bonus point.

e. Notice how your suppliers charge. Some may charge as per the order, some may ask you a one time set up fee initially and then per order. some supplies set minimum purchase order others may as you to pay monthly.

2. Know What To Sell

There are reasons for this not being step 1. you may find the right product but there may be less to no suppliers in India. when you do find you have to go through a scrutinizing process to see if they suit your brand which results in a waste of resources and time. so fixing the supplier will give you the idea of which product they excel in.

3. Setting up GSTIN

GST has changed the way a business is led. If you are a registered company, provide your GSTIN to the supplier for all the transactions so that you can claim the input credit later. But, if you’re not a company, you can easily do the drop shipping business in India as an individual.

clarifying the GST details will save your time on legal issues later on.

4. Design A Killer Website

Create your store virtually, the items and the products you wish to sell. buying a domain name with your brand name or your product name and create a stunning website. there are online platforms which you can use to create a website yourself. The professionalism of the website creates a long lasting impression on the customer. We at Bizezy.in make sure your website is taken care by our expert designers.

Overdoing the content or a design can hurt your website. Customers go for simple UI with high-quality content which is on point. make sure to keep the customers interact with the website, payment options and contact options placed which will give you an upper hand in drop shopping business in India.

5. listing out your products

List out your products on your website with all the required details, ask the seller for various images which can be of different sizes and colors which may increase the chances of selling. once the products are listed start marketing your brand.

make your presence known, go for social media marketing. running paid campaigns on social media and Google AdWords will give you the boost you needed.


You may not see growth to your product instantly, we at Bizezy.in are here to help you get you through just that, we can avoid bad marketing, wrong product choices, eliminating the wrong audience, lack of variety, boring website and media messages, bad customer services. with our experts at hand starting your own drop shopping business in India will be a breeze.

So, contact us right away and see what we can do to make your product and your website stand out from the crowd, we’ll make your drop shopping business profitable in no time.


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