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How to Drive Free Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

The growth of online stores has reached a new peak as we are talking about it. Numerous people have found a way to make cash online. Web Traffic plays a very important role to emerge as a brand. Web Traffic is nothing but the ways your users find to visit your website. Marketing will cost a mini fortune and if done right will show tremendous results but what if you are an emerging brand? Not everyone can market their products and get it right at one go. It takes time in finding out your target audience, the right platform that will make your products sell. The final results take time to reflect.

Make your business famous without spending a single paise. Drive organic traffic to your website with pre-tested methods!

Organic traffic is the one we need to focus on. These are the positive traffic, I.e. Where visitors search for a keyword and your website pops up. Google takes a special interest in these searches. Organic traffic can be attained by following the Google guidelines along with a little push from your side. We have listed out the possible ways to drive organic traffic to your website which does not require any professionalism or experience and to conclude, FREE!

Optimizing your E-Commerce Website for Search Engines

When it comes to search engines Google tops the list, followed by Bing, AOL and Yahoo! Google follows some strict guidelines to make the user experience impeccable, the other search engines usually follow the same set of guidelines but not as strictly as google does. So while optimizing your online website following google guidelines will help you move up in the website rankings.

By study, the top 5 searches are more preferred. Google webmaster and the bing webmaster will help you optimize your website and will make sure you are not overdoing it. It takes time to get on top. Focusing right from the URL of your website will give you the upper hand.

The home page, product page, the pricing and the contact form are taken into consideration when ranking. The key is to make it simple to cover a wider range of audience. In recent times whether your website has mobile compatibility is widely taken into consideration.

Launch Blogs

Blogs are usually elaborated answers for questions by customers or in general detail of a product. These draw attention easily as these are not promotional content but informational. While these posts directly provide access to your website will increase website traffic.

Sending your blogs as newsletters to your subscribers or submitting them in article forums can gain more audience. This space is to be creative and informative. So let your imagination take control.

Stay Online

Social media is ruling the world. It has also become a marketplace where products and brands are recognized easily and opens a platform to stay close with your customers. Launching new products and holiday offers can reach a lot faster with social media bringing in some traffic to your website.

Be Active Offline

Just because you are an online store does not mean networking is done only online, with the right people gaining an audience can be done right. Conferences, sponsoring college cultural and other NGO will boost up brand visibility.


The entire process of gaining traffic is slow yet effective. It needs patience and a whole lot of effort. Bizezy can help you optimize your website as needed. Contact us now to know more about our process.




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