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How Be Your Own Boss after your 9 to 5 Job! Make Use of Your Precious Time.

How Be Your Own Boss after your 9 to 5 Job! Make Use of Your Precious Time.

Everyone has their dream of having their own business but commitments of reality forces us to take up our 9 to 5 job. It can change with a part time start up. Read more to know how!

Make Use of Your Precious Time and Be Your Own Boss after your 9 to 5 Job!

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Everyone dreams of having their own business, even though one is exceptionally good in their 9 to 5 job taking orders from someone can become old real quick. Owning a business or having a second job to support your financial dreams becomes a dream at one point in life. Experts say having your own start up not only reduces stress financially but also can get your creative juices flowing. So if you are procrastinating on opening your own business, its high time to follow through it.


Benefits of having your own business

Owning a business has its perks; job security is the highest of them all. Even though you have a high paying 9 to 5 job, a small profit from your own business can give you the confidence to quit your job at one point in life or may be your business can support you after retirement! If you are having two full time jobs, owning a business can take that burden off your shoulders.

The benefits are many, and we have listed some of the significant ones

  • Be your own Boss – Taking orders can sometimes be frustrating. Not being able to implement your ideas and experiment with them can bring your sprits down. What can beat being your own boss!
  • Earn a Little more – a financial security a second job gives you can save you from financial crisis.
  • Work freedom – experiment with new ideas you get to decide what you do. You get to learn more and steer clear of what doesn’t work for you the next time.
  • Your Own Identity – Create a name for yourselves, instead of working for another brand work for your own name.
  • Flexible hours – make use of your free time. You don’t have a dead line, take your time and experiment and decide what works for you.
  • Learn from scratch – Owning a business means you will learn right from the beginning. Make use of the chance and learn the tricks and tips along the way to stand out in what you do.

Tips to Start Your Own Business

There are many ways to start your own business. Starting an online business takes barely a hour or two in a day after it is established. Here are some tips to set up a successful online business.

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  • Choose a business with unique products. Products like jewellery, clothes etc.
  • You can buy products from a whole seller or you can always make them if you have the resources available.
  • You can stock up in an online inventory if you are dropshipping or you can stock them up in a physical storage on a weekly or a monthly basis.
  • You need not spend hours at a time. You can easily sell them and ship them on weekends.


Take your Business Online

Running an online business has become easy as online shopping has picked up its pace. Facebook market place and advertising has taken the online users by storm. More than 85% of the orders are from facebook and other social networks. New businesses have the perfect platform to attract their potential customers. Marketting your products takes up a great place in improving as a brand.

Bizezy is one of the best companies for you ecommerce needs. We will be the perfect partner to back you up and will help you improve as a brand. To know more about us contact us.

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