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Everything you need to know about product listing Ads in Google Shopping

Everything you need to know about product listing Ads in Google Shopping

Google shopping isn’t something new but it’s getting popular in recent days. Read more to know more about google shopping Ads

Everything you need to know about product listing Ads in Google Shopping

Google Shopping is gaining popularity quickly between e-commerce business holders. The profit it derives is undeniably huge. As of 2018 Google shopping ads or PLA’s are showing up in more and more searches.

Since the attention it draws is pretty huge rather than the text-based ads e-commerce businesses are taking this to their advantage.


Google Shopping will let you have the upper hand with your competitors, get ready to upgrade from the regular text-based ads and pick up the new trend to go. SO read on to know more about Google Shopping and PLA’s.

What is a Product Listing Ad (PLA)?

PLA’s are a type of PPC (Pay-per-click) type of Ads. These ads are tailored exclusively for e-commerce shoppers. These ads are supposed to help customers give clarity of the products which they are looking for.

They include more than normal text-based ads and are easily identifiable. Google shopping makes it easier to compare it with other products without having to browse through various web pages.

What Makes it Different from Regular Text-Based Ads?

The most visible change is the image present in the PLA’s. The image present in the search results gives the customer an idea of what the product looks like along with its price. However, there is more to it.

Unlike your regular text-based ads, you need not handcraft it instead of google pulls out the products directly from your products listing page which you can add from the product merchant center. Giving attention to the product name and descriptions in your product page is rather important as this is what that will be shown in the results which needs to be convincing enough to the customer to make the deal

What’s included in a Product Listing Ad?

You can use various Add on to determine what is shown to your customers, the PLA’s can be made to contain:

  • Product name
  • Image
  • Brand or e-commerce store
  • Product description
  • Price
  • Available options (colours, sizes, etc.)
  • Star rating and reviews
  • Shipping costs
  • Promotional information

Best ways to make the best out of Google Shopping Ads

PLA’s offer e-commerce stores more engagement at a lower cost per click — but what they offer in profit, they start an increased competition (especially for lower-priced items.) That’s why it’s important to follow these ways and give your Google Shopping ads the best chance to stand apart from the competitors and convince customers to choose your store.

Invest in Good Quality Images

Always use high-resolution images with good lighting most likely done by a professional. These images act as a deciding factor for the customers to choose your product. Always keep it simple and clean.

So in a search result what if all the images look alike, this can be avoided by looking into your competitors before posting the ad and finding ways to make your ad stand out from the crowd.

Add Information as much as you can

The more the merrier. Include detailed information of your product as much as you can. Prices, different images, no of products available, colour options, reviews, sizes available in etc.

Make the most out of your ad so that your customer finds the urge to buy the product before going through your website.

Update Your Feed Regularly

The last thing that can go wrong is your customers finding out the information on your website is different from the Ad Give your customers the best shopping experience by updating your information regularly and keeping it up to date

You can manually update your product feed or if you are doing it by hand we recommend you update your feed every 14 days

Write Product Tiles and Descriptions for your customers

Specifying and emphasizing particular keywords can easily change into worthless titles and descriptions. Go through your title and descriptions before posting them. If they are not understandable to you there are no chances your potential customers will understand them.

Get creative, Get adventurous. You can get a lot more exposure to google shopping Ads, If you are in need of a new website or don’t know what products you could sell? Contact us we can help you.

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