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Establish your online store with Bizezy

Establish your online store with Bizezy

How to make use of Bizezy’s e-commerce website builder.

By opening an online store, you are taking the next big step in growing your business. There are numerous websites which provide the facility to build your own website. They have lots of templates and a dashboard you could use to customize but when it comes to hosting you will be looking at a pretty huge amount to make your website go online with your preferred domain name.

Bizezy's e-commerce website builder.

Make your business go online

Hosting a website becomes a huge headache and not everyone has a technical background to do those as well. Click the wrong button your whole website somehow moves to the recycle bin which is impossible to recover for a non-technical person.

This is where we, at Bizezy step up our game. Choose a template you like from our wide range and tell us your ideas and preferences. Our team of techies will take care of the customization for you! If you don’t want us to interfere, no problem you can access the dashboard and start customizing yourselves.

Add-on’s that will help your own brand name

Bizezy provides you with a free inventory, and free shipping so you don’t have to worry about the products getting delivered. We will help you set up a social media platform where you can lure your customers in.

We provide you with a Facebook store, Whatsapp share options to expand your customer grid. Bizezy lets you name your product with your brand name, your customers will never know Bizezy is associated in any of the processes. We let you make the profit.

Make Profit with your E commerce store

You decide the profit margin. Get products from manufacturers and set them at your price. You decide how much a product sells for. The product goes under your brand name and is delivered under your name!

Add discounts and coupons for your customers to use which add value to the product, set deadlines and tell them how much stock is leftover. The number of people who buy it with a discount is higher than normal. Pay the manufactures to cost only after receiving the payment from your customer. Bizezy lets you decide how you want to sell your product. Everything can be done right from your home.

Our integrated platform is a gateway to manage your business completely from anywhere.

Why Mobile Apps are Important for an e-commerce business

Being an entrepreneur and trying to prove yourself and establish a brand is not as easy as it sounds. While a mobile app means a customer once downloads and finds their product at the best price, it instantly sparks up the need to buy.

People have the habit of window shopping, in the modern world it is surfing through your website. Even if they are not in need of the product they may favourite it or add it to their cart and when in need they will come right back to where they left off. but not everyone remembers your website address. Yes, if they are in need they will find you one way or the other. We agree, but in the competitive world, a customer has numerous options. to be on the top, a mobile app will come handy any time. People prefer their products to be delivered with one click of a button, if their payment details are already there, there is a possibility of going right through the order. You wouldn’t want to miss that!

Ask us about our mobile apps, we can customise it for you! We provide apps in both IOS and Android platforms.

So why not get started right away?

We are known for our work in the dropshipping business If you are not sure enough, you can always opt for our 7-day free trial. You are the decision maker, Let us help you grow!

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