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Effective ways to improve your sales this holiday season

Effective ways to improve your sales this holiday season

With two months in 2019. We have a list of prolonged weekends which technically means a reason to celebrate and a reason to shop. Getting creative and targeting your potential customers will give you the essence of profit with a reason. We have listed some unique ways to get your website ready for the holidays.

  1. Create Holiday Themed Content

Make use of the holiday cheer your customers have. With content and products related to the holidays, will usually give you the perfect boost this festive season making you see profits.

  1. Referral cards

E-commerce sites have found huge impacts on referral cards. If your friend buys a product from the link you have shared, you get credit points. This usually provokes eagerness within customers and also increases your customer base. A win-win on both sides.

  1. Social Media Marketing

In today’sworld, you can reach out to your favourite brands and their latest announcements on social media like facebook, twitter and Instagram. Say your hearty wishes followed by the best deals this season. Capture their attention with holiday-themed catchy content.


  1. Surprise your Customers With Gifts

Who doesn’t like surprises and gifts? Send your customers to free complementary gifts along with a custom note wishing them for the holiday. Bring in the joy of the festive season.

  1. History Repeats Itself. Period.

We cannot stress this enough! Use the data from the previous years and analyse what, when and why a product has seen success rates. With the correct reasons you can relaunch the same product or similar products, you know that will be in demand.

  1. Know What You Are Sending Your Customers

Sending out Emails is a great way to remind your customers of your presence. But sending generic layouts or general announcements can cost you much more than you think. Give your customers something to read about, a 2 min read on the hottest product will do wonders for your sales.

  1. Get Customised

There will be a set of customers who will be active only on particular occasions, by sending them personalized emails mentioning their name and how much you have missed them along with the latest addition of products to your website will make them interested in you.

  1. Personalise your website for gifts

As weird as it sounds, while people love shopping they also don’t want to spend hours together searching for something. The holiday season is when they search for gifts for their beloved ones. Categorizing products under the tag of “Gifts for Him”, “Gifts For Her” Or “Gifts under 499” Will lure your customers to purchase without the frustration of searching.

So plan ahead and make your profits grow! Visit us at bizezy.in to know more about hosting websites and finding new products to list on your website with a growing profit.

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