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Easy Step by Step Guide to Get Started with Bizezy

Easy Step by Step Guide to Get Started with Bizezy

So you are planning to open an online shopping website. Bizezy is the right place for you. We are a complete hub for entrepreneurs to start their own e-commerce store. We give you complete guidance through the process from choosing the right supplier till delivering them to your customers.

Here is the step by step guide on how Bizezy works.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Supplier & Product

When it comes to a drop shipping business, choosing the right supplier matters. the supplier has to be reliable and should be able to provide your orders with impeccable quality. Finding the right supplier is a task on its own.

Bizezy has globally renowned suppliers which you can choose from, all you have to do is choose a familiar product you have knowledge about or the one that goes with your brand and adds it to your website. You can buy the products at a wholesale price and then set your own profit margin!

Step 2: Launch your Website

Once you have your product sorted out, its now time to launch your e-commerce store. Choose from our wide range of templates and edit it right from your dashboard, if you are finding it difficult our team can help you customize your website.

No need to hire a web developer, you don’t need exclusive knowledge in designing to get your website online. We will help you host your website with the best hosting platforms so that your customer data and your site is secure and safe to use all the time. we have 25+ premium themes to choose and customize check our demo theme here




Step 3: Add Products to your Website.

With a click of a button add the products right from the inventory where sellers have displayed their products. You can preferably add the products you need and set the number of availability and the price you want it to sell it all within your dashboard. Bizezy provides white label branding so that all the products you list on your website will be under your own brand name.

You can also access your dashboard anywhere and anytime all you need is an internet connection. Just go onto our website and log in with your details on our client login page.

Step 4: Get your Own Mobile App

With everything coming handy, a mobile app will help you gain regular customers. Bizezy provides you with mobile apps for both Android and IOS. Our mobile apps are highly secure and mobile friendly so you don’t need to worry about the glitches or the mobile responsiveness.

Step 5: Market your Products

Bizezy will make sure you are in the latest trend. It is important to follow the buzzwords and trends to attract customers into your website, We help you set up a Facebook store which you can use it to market your products and when a customer clicks on “buy” it will direct straight to your website.

Transform your visitors into customers by providing them coupons. Bizezy lets you give discounts and offers on your products which can be done from your dashboard as well. Bizezy also provides Social Media Share so that your product reaches the maximum potential customers. Always remember, a single share can reach hundreds at a time.

Step 6: Free Inventory with Auto Refilling

Add the products to your inventory, if a product runs out of stock on your website there is an auto refilling option which will make you be in business all the time. The inventory is totally free, you need not waste physical and mental energy maintaining your inventory.

Step 7: Expand your Existence

We understand as a small business trying to establishing your brand can be a huge task, so try our multi-channel sales option, partner up with leading e-commerce shopping sites and list your products directly. You can add, ship products right from your dashboard.

Hassle free and more importantly, we help you in gaining customers.

Step 8: Free of cost pre-integrated shipping solution

Bizezy has partnered with leading courier companies to make sure your product is delivered safely and on time. we provide shipping to 22000 pincodes all over india!  easily manage and ship your online products by enabling the shipping solution and streamline shipping and order fulfillments  with the easy-to-use platform.

Best Shipping solutions decoded! Our seamlessly automated shipping solution has made e-commerce shipping an easier process. once you received and order you  just need to do packing rest we will take care. our courier partner will pickup from your place and deliver the parcel. if you are reselling our seller products then it will be delivered directly to the customer in your brand name.

We know you are taking a big step in choosing drop shipping business and we respect the time and effort you have put in developing your business and that’s why we are here to help you. Try our 7-Day Free Trial, see how we could help you before you can go fulltime.

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