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Boost your sale on your online store with push notifications

Boost your sale on your online store with push notifications

Online stores have given a whole new experience to online shopping, while millennials have established their presence on the internet over 60%+ prefer online shopping then to go in-store shopping. While the rest admitted they compare prices in store before buying products online. Retailers have made their presence in both online and offline and with a little help of push notifications they can increase customer engagement leading to sales.

Though there are ways to sell online, the competition of tier one retailers has made the online shopping experience genuine. A study shows that shoppers are given more than 800 options, new brands which are emerging find it a huge deal to compete with retailers with a huge fan base.

As the competition is increasing users have raised their expectations as well. To keep your loyal customers stay you have to go lengths to make them comfortable and give them a sense of trustworthiness. It is a challenge for online shop owners to maintain the traffic they gain to their website. A Study shows that 66% of retailers think they need new technology to help retain their customers.

Web push notifications are triggered users who are on both computer and mobile to get them engaged in real time. It makes easier for the retailer to target the possible customers in terms of locations and interests. It also engages local customers according to their region, language and culture.

Browser Push Notifications

We have all come across browser push notifications and undeniably we are all aware of it. These are a small button like notifications that are seen in computer browsers and across mobiles including IOS.

Retailers have seen a huge development in their customer base after they have started using browser push notifications. E-commerce giants have been using browser web notification and are seeing quite remarkable results in a short span of time.

The results have attracted many small businesses and have been successful as well. E-commerce business have experimented with push notifications and have created their own set of case studies that have succeeded.

Use Case References To Create A Campaign That Converts

Hyperlocal updates

Creating updates or notification related to that particular area is highly successive. Hyperlocal updates such as introducing products that are bought for a particular local festival will give you the lead among your competitors.

CTR: 5 – 10%         Audience: Location Specific            Ideal Time:12:00pm – 1:00pm


Retargeting is the process of reminding your potential customers of their recent searched products and the orders they didn’t go through. reminding them with a little pop-up window when they are searching similar products will come handy and will give the feeling of personalisation.

CTR:10- 15%         Audience: Event Specific            Ideal Time: 5:00pm- 7:00 pm

User Engagement

Offers and discounts need to be announced to keep your customers on their toes. A little notification before or during the sale will keep your customer engaged with your website. A little reminder will give your customer to look forward to your sale.

CTR: 15 – 20 %         Audience: All           Ideal Time: 9:00pm – 11:00pm

Customer Feedback   

A happy customer can make a great impression on your product. What better way can there be to engage a customer to write a review with just a pop-up window. A happy customer wouldn’t think twice to write a review!

CTR: 5 – 10%         Audience: All            Ideal Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

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