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Become an Entrepreneur with your very own E-commerce Website

Become an Entrepreneur with your very own E-commerce Website

The Internet has become a tool for modern-day entrepreneurs to make quick cash online.  It has all the required tools, pieces of information, and ideas to start a new business. Anyone with time and a little investment can become an entrepreneur. Bizezy is an integrated platform where you can make and host your E commerce store all by yourself. Providing you with the opportunity to start your business anytime, anywhere.


With the website ready, all you need to know is a few of the marketing tactics. Once you master the basics and get them right its time to reap for the profit you have worked for.

Online E-commerce websites are one of the easiest ways to make quick cash. If you have a product to sell and good content getting into the market will be a cake walk.

Your website’s existence will not make any improvements, it is solely dependent on the traffic you attract. Hence knowing how to gain a little bit of traffic to your website is a necessity in the market to beat your competitors.

We have listed some of the strategies that if done right will yield good traffic over the time.


Techniques to Make Money Online From Your E Commerce Store

  • Affiliate marketing – It is the most popular way to make money online. You can give a space of your website for ads of another product/ brand /or feature their website. Whenever the Ad is clicked you are given a share of the profit amount. This is a win-win situation on both ends of the clients.

The Most popular affiliate programs are Google Adsense, Click bank, Etc.,

  • PPC Advertising– Find a keyword a customer will search to gain your product or services with the help of google analytics. You will need to pay an amount to show a snippet of an ad which will appear every time the keyword is searched before the search results. It can be made visible to a particular geographical location and from time to time.

Profit depends as CTR- click-through rate, every time the link is opened and made a       purchase you make money or CPC – Cost Per Click where when a customer clicks the link you make money. Google Adsense is the go-to tool for PPC Marketing!

  • Cost per Mille Advertising– It mostly works with blogs. The number of views generated by the visitors and the number of ads per page will determine how much you make.
  • Direct Banner Advertising– By Selling the space of your website to some advertiser in the return for money. The popular banner formats of ads that are seen normally are the 728×90 leaderboard ads, the 300×250 rectangle ads and the 125×125 button ads.
  • Sell Your Own Products – If you have your own product or planning to dropship all you need to do is list your products accordingly by shape, size, material, etc. You can also put up a catalogue online where people can choose a product they want from you.

In addition to these, there are always paid surveys, paid pop-ups, pop-unders, affiliate programs and audio ads etc.,


Online work needs determination, time and motivation to become successful. Results can take time to appear but never stop trying. you will find your way one way or the other.

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