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8 marketing tips no one tells you for a successful drop shipping business

8 marketing tips no one tells you for a successful drop shipping business

Many Ecommerce giants like flipkart and Amazon have started using dropshipping models way back when online shopping started to bloom. They have also been seeing consistent profits with their dropshipping products. If Tech giants can use the opportunity, small businesses can also make use of the business to their advantage.

Drop shipping gives you the edge whilst your competitors who don’t drop ship. You can increase your product range and in the mean time you need not hold a physical inventory saving you the time, effort and the physical labor in maintaining an inventory.

E Commerce is an vast platform where it is growing at an incredible speed. With growth comes the opportunity to shine but there are over trillions of small businesses who strive to get noticed. In this article we talk about the general dos and don’ts, and tips to increase sales with slight modifications and additions to your business.

New to drop shipping business? Hasn’t your dropshipping business taken off like you’ve dreamed? We’ve got some perfect tips to bring your dropshipping business to the spot light.

Let’s check out

  1. Build Trust

As easy as it sounds, it’s the exact opposite. Gaining the trust of your customers is a big step initially. Once you gain their trust you have to constantly work on maintaining it. But if you have started gaining positive reviews and feedback don’t be shy to flaunt it. Add customer reviews and ratings wherever you could. Customers usually trust other customers who bought the same product or is already an owner of the product.

Getting a review could be little tricky. Send a reminder to leave an review or a button on their account to leave a review. You are bound to get a review one day or the other. If its bad work on improving it, let the customer know you are taking action because they felt it was bad. It usually scores you a point to reconsider your products the next time.


  1. Run Ads

Yes, the basics of an ecommerce business. But do you know the amount of engagement from facebook ads alone can get you recognized and help improve sales overall by branding your products?

Facebook ads are highly customizable because of the amount of data it collects which will help you target the right audience. You can also select which ads to be displayed on Instagram, messenger and workplace.

Here are 3 valuable tips to run an successful campaign

  1. Invest in video content

Social media has evolved in many ways and providing content that reaches most to the end users. Videos are visually and audibly more prone to attract potential customers. These help in customers remembering the message you want to get through and help in remembering your brand name.

  1. Target the right audience

There is a reason why you should target your current customers and subscribers. They are easily attracted to your products rather that attracting new ones. By targeting your current customers you will be able to get regular trustworthy customers.

  1. Be Patient

It can take time for your campaign to kick start in the beginning. It may feel you are wasting time and money but the initial stages in targeting the right audience. The data gathered is the key. Spend time in researching your data. Make progress step by step to achieve your goal.

  1. Share Social Videos to drive traffic

Like we discussed social media has been seeing a growth in video contents and providing your target audience the right content will drive them straight to your website. Making short how to videos or promotional offers with a call to action to shop now or save now will get your customers to visit your website.

  1. Retargeting is the new trend

Remember how you saw something you searched for in google or clicked an ad of a dress and suddenly you start seeing ads relative to the dress on all social media platforms and eventually caved in buying that dress? You were retargeted!

Don’t lose your potential customers who show interest in your products. Let your presence known in other platforms your customers will eventually turn to you or atleast remember your brand when they find the need to buy the product.

  1. Blogging can take you places

Blogging is the classic way to draw traffic to you site. Organic traffic is really important in ranking you website in the web search results.

Blogging done with the right amount of SEO will help you stand out in the search results that will eventually lead the potential customers to your website. Even if you aren’t a great writer, a blog with the right content will reach your customers in no time.

Try writing contents that will attract customers “top 10 products” “tips to remember” or “save money with these 10 Hacks” will draw more attention. These type of titles will also lead the customer to read your content till the end.

Keeping your content short, simple and straight forward is all you need for a perfect blog post. Just remember not to overdo it.

  1. Identify Groups of your niche

Identifying your type of people is important. Every dropshipping company comes under their own niche. Find your people and join groups. Observe what they talk about. Stubbly introduce your products, share your blog posts.

Gain attention of your peers and put your brand out there.

  1. Turn your visitors into subscribers or customers

Its is crucial to gain potential customers or even subscriber who would want you to know what you do next as a drop shipper. A study says 55% of your visitors leave a website within the first 15 seconds. That’s why its important to captivate your potential customers to give their mail id.

Use creative contents like “enter mail id to receive a promo code for discount upto 60%” once you have the mail id, you can use your resources to target them with their interests.

Again, over doing it can kill the effect, keep it simple. If they click no or cancel, do not keep the pop up running every 5 minutes. That is enough for the customer to reject you as spam.

  1. Sell More with Up Selling and Cross Selling Techniques

Top Tech giants are seen using this technique to boost sales of particular products. By showing your customers the option of “frequently bought together” will urge them to buy. If the cost of the product they chose is too low and if they have to pay for shipping. They are likely to buy another product to meet the minimum order cost for free shipping.

Thus by showcasing products together, they are more likely to buy the other product without hesitation.


Ready to Start Your Own Drop Shipping Business?

There is no denying you need marketing for your products, if its drop shipping or not. With the amount of competition, it has become an integral part of an eCommerce business. The growing social platforms has changed the strategies of marketing drop shipping products over the years.

Our tips above will help you over the process of marketing your products at every step. Make sure you analyse what is best for your website before you take the leap.




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