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7 Ways No One tells you about How to Improve Your Google Shopping Campaigns

7 Ways No One tells you about How to Improve Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Meta Find exclusive hand filtered tips from experts to get the most out of your Google Shopping Campaign ads!

7 Ways No One tells you about How to Improve Your Google Shopping Campaigns

If you have been already using google shopping campaigns already you might have experienced the effectiveness of it first hand. In the past few years searches with PLA (Product Listing Ads) have doubled in the count and have been recorded to have a big impact on the sales of the products. Google Shopping Campaigns has beat regular text ad campaigns (CPC).

As an E-commerce store, you will benefit at a huge level by using google shopping campaigns, The costs will be low and the return of investments will be high but as a store, you have to find every possible way to sell your products.

Here we share 7 tips to remember while running a Google Shopping Campaign

  1. Track your Performance

If you are familiar with the pay per click (PPC) Ad campaigns you might have to know how effective it is to gain all the data to increase your sales and make improvements in your ad campaign. The same goes for your Google Shopping campaigns as well.

You can gain precious data of

  • How many have seen your ad
  • How many have clicked through the ad
  • Finally, how many have seen, clicked through and purchased the product.


These data, when used correctly, can give you the upper hand in improving your ad campaigns within your budget.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals and achieving them can give you a view of how much growth you have obtained over a period of time. Setting realistic goals which can be achieved is also important to know if you are going in the right path.

The initial step in setting the right goals is determining your ultimate goal.


Are you looking for more sales in a particular region, or to pick up sales in a dull hour of the day? Set your goals according to your sales.

  1. Optimize your feed Regularly

Optimizing your feed as per the data you’ve collected could help you in the long run and see quick results. Though many people just start the campaign and eventually forget about it.The more you make use of the data you have required through PPC will set you the right guidelines to implement the Google shopping campaign.

  1. Update your project bids and budget regularly

The insights you gain from the campaign is precious, you can keep on experimenting and customizing your ads based on these data.

Track your products and ads regularly, find out which has the best profit and focus on the improvement of ads. These simple updates to your ads will improve dramatically over time.

  1. Make your PLA’s Stronger with Extensions

All PLA Ads follow the same format Product Name + Product Price + Picture of the Product. Not always the customer finds the description useful hence giving a little clarity to your product will boost your product sales.

There are extensions available from which you can give more clarity to your ads.

  • Promotional texts/ Special Offers

Mentioning a discount on the product can give your product that extra attention it is carving for. Promotional texts or discounts during festive times provide a great way to attract potential customers

  • Ratings and Reviews

When your product has great reviews and offers, use it as an attraction to lure customers. A 5-star rating from fellow customers speaks volumes about your product.

  1. Combine Google Shopping with Re-targeting

Not all the customers who interact with your ad will buy your product. This should be considered as it will the same time targeting only the right audience.

This is where re-targeting comes in. Re-targeting (Remarketing) helps you identify the customer who have interacted with your product but has not made a purchase yet. By remarketing, there are chances a customer will consider buying the product.

  1. Know your enemy

Google Shopping is a great way to expose your product but it also means you are competing for head t head with your competitors. To have a good start always know what your competitors are up to.

The more you understand the differences between your product and theirs the more you can spend time enhancing your ads to attract customers.


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